Dinner Plain Mile High Trail Run, Nov 23, 2014
Soak up the pristine alpine environment and challenge yourself for the second Dinner Plain Mile High Trail run and to run at an altitude above 1600 metres (one mile) and join the Dinner Plain Mile High club

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32km Run, 9:00am Start at the Dinner Plain Hut to Slatey’s Cutting, Hotham Heights, Davonport Access, Cobungra Ditch, DP – Hotham Trail


21km Half Marthon, 9:30am Start at the Dinner Plain Hut to Slatey’s Cutting at Hotham, return along DP – Hotham Trail


7km race, 10.00am start, Dinner Plain Hut to Mother Johnson's return


4km, 10:00am start, Dinner Plain Hut to JB Plain return

Receive a T-shirt of participation with entry

As well as your race bib number and Public Liability Insurance Cover

If you are unable to make the official race briefing on Saturday night at 8pm at Peppers Rundells ALpine Lodge you can pick up your entry bag on race day at the DP Hut from 8am - 9pm.

Briefing notes from Saturday night will also be posted on -Dinner Plain Alpine Village Facebook page

21 km Course

Entries close Wednesday 19th November, 2014

The course starts in the picturesque alpine village of Dinner Plain which sits at 1569 metres above sea level and is located on The Great Alpine Road. The event then takes runners up and around the stunning vistas of Victoria’s Alpine National Park and Mount Hotham. “The alps offer a different environment for runners, not only is the air thinner at a mile high but the water is fresher and temperatures cooler”. said Gary Battershill, owner Peppers Rundells Alpine Lodge. “Runners will certainly have to work a bit harder to join the mile high club.”
Entries can still be made at the official run briefing at Rundells Alpine Lodge on Saturday night at 8pm and on race day from 8am until 9am. No futher entries will be accepted after 9am. Cash only for late entries, please note there are limited banking facilities available in Dinner Plain.



Support is available at JB Plain, Mother Johnson's Picnic Area, Paw Paw Plain and Wire Plain. Each of these support stations will have refreshments. Times will be recorded at the Start / Finish at DP Hut along with a run register. All runners must log in as a safety check.


The Dinner Plain Mile High takes place in the alpine environment where weather can be severe and subject to sudden change. Whilst much of the DP/Hotham trail takes place on a gravel path amongst the snowgums (much of the course runs parallel to The Great Alpine Road) runners need to be prepared for all kinds of weather including sun, dense fog, high winds, rain, sleet and snow.


With the nature of the terrain and the distance from the closest hospital (45km from Omeo Hospital) we recommend all participants should join Ambulance Victoria. Medical evacuations are at participants cost. www.ambulance-vic.com.au. Phone 03 9379 9155.


Age limit
6 years of age on race day to compete in the 4/7km
16 years of age on race day to compete in the 21km
18 years of age on race day to compete in the 32km.
We reserve the right to refuse entry to the event if that person is ill equipped or unfit for the event.


There are a wealth of accommodation options in Dinner Plain from budget to luxury, hotel rooms or chalets for 1 to 20 people. Take a look at www.visitdinnerplain.com for special packages for the Dinner Plain Mile High weekend.


A pre run briefing will be conducted at Rundells Alpine Lodge on Saturday 30th November at 8pm. This is a briefing for participants so they understand the conditions they may encounter, receive a full trail description and requirements of doing the course. They can also pick up registration bags.


The Hotham to Dinner Plain trail is a recreational trail between the two villages for walking and riding, runners are asked to show consideration to track walkers and other race participants.


Dinner Plain is located on The Great Alpine Road, approximately 4.5 hours drive from Melbourne. Access Dinner Plain on the Hume Highway, through the Oven's Valley to Harrietville and up over the top of Hotham or alternatively via Gippsland on the Princes freeway through Traralgon, onto Bairnsdale and onto the Omeo Highway.

Dinner Plain Central Reservations

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Accommodation at Dinner Plain

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Peppers Rundells Alpine Lodge

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Hotel High Plains

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Accommodation Services of Dinner Plain

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